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Connecting to Jeffco Wireless Networks

If you are planning on bringing your own device to use at school, you need to agree to the BYOD terms in order to connect to a decently fast network.


There are three networks...

Jeffco Internal is for District owned devices only.


Jeffco Community—this connection is for visitors to our campus—vendors, parents, etc.  It is a little slow, but workable for limited purposes.


Jeffco Instructional—is for students who bring their own devices. In order to use it, students and their parent/guardian must complete an opt in form on Jeffco Connect—think Internet agreement. Each party must agree to the opt in policies.  After completing this process, students can access the Instructional network with their Jeffco login and password.


Student Instructions

Parent Instructions


If you are having trouble with this process, come to the Library and Mrs. Clarke can help you.


If you have trouble connecting, check out this Tech Tips link.

Downloading your Google files using Google Takeout instructions.

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